Regular Season Format

34 Game League Schedule

North Division

  • 8 North teams x 3 games = 24 games
  • 2 North teams x 2 games = 4 games
  • 6 South teams x 1 game = 6 games

South Division

  • 4 South teams x 4 games = 16 games
  • 4 South teams x 3 games = 12 games
  • 6 North teams x 1 game = 6 games


Points for wins and losses for the ‘League’ will be awarded on the following basis:

  • 2 points for win
  • 1 point for tie
  • 1 point for overtime loss
  • 0 points for a loss


Procedure for determining Final Regular Season Standings in the event teams are tied following the Regular Season Schedule:

  1.  If three or more teams are tied, final standings will be determined by the number of wins in total League Play. The team with most wins will be seeded first.
  2.  If two teams are tied, the team with the Best Record in Games Played between the two tied teams will receive the higher standing
  3.  If still tied, the Best Goal Differential in total League Play will determine the standing. (Example: Team A has 123 goals for and 81 goals against, their differential is +42).
  4.  If still tied, the best goal differential in games played between the tied teams will determine the standing.
  5. If still tied, fewest cumulative penalties (misconducts count for 10 minutes)

The highest seed, according to the tie breaking formula, in the standings after the regular season will always gain home ice advantage, no exceptions. The same process will be used to determine the rest of the rankings with regards to tied teams. The highest seed will be considered the “home team”, jersey color and last change will apply.