11.4 Maltreatment Awareness Day

RED DEER – Hockey Alberta is proud to introduce a new initiative on Friday, November 4 – 11.4 Maltreatment Awareness Day.

Falling on November 4, the day coincides with Rule 11.4 in the Hockey Canada rulebook on Discrimination. The goal of the day is to educate and provide resources to make our game more inclusive. To help achieve this goal, Hockey Alberta is posting 11 times throughout the day on our social media platforms with informative pieces about the rule and the enhanced measures we are taking moving forward.

“All forms of discrimination are unacceptable in our game. Community is one of Hockey Alberta’s Values, and we know that a sense of belonging is important for our participants and stakeholders in our sport. We also know that establishing and maintaining that sense of community is hard work,” said Rob Litwinski, CEO of Hockey Alberta.

“Hockey Alberta has taken steps in dealing with maltreatment and discrimination with our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, along with the work undertaken in tracking and acting upon reported cases of Maltreatment. But there is still much work to do. Today is another step in that process for Hockey Alberta as we continue to educate and create awareness to remove discrimination and maltreatment from our game.”

Prior to the 2021-22 season, Section 11 – Maltreatment was implemented in the Hockey Canada rulebook. The rule encompasses five areas:

  • 1 Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • 2 Disrespectful and Abusive Behaviour
  • 3 Spitting
  • 4 Discrimination, and
  • 5 Physical Harassment of Officials.

Hockey Alberta, along with the rest of the provincial branches began tracking infractions, allegations, and complaints of 11.4 Discrimination. The data tracked can be found on the Hockey Alberta website’s Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment page under the “2021-22 Statistics” tab.

New this season, a confidential reporting mechanism overseen by an Independent Third Party (ITP) has been established for the reporting of all complaints of abuse, discrimination, and harassment.


As an additional resource for 11.4 Maltreatment Awareness Day, Hockey Alberta’s Centre Ice Podcast interviewed Bryden Burrell, Manager of Minor Hockey, and Brett Kelly, Manager of Officiating, about the creation, implementation, and review of the Maltreatment rule and tracking process.


11.4 Maltreatment Awareness Day is a springboard to the ongoing work of Hockey Alberta and the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. Thanks to funding provided from Safe & Welcoming Sport Grant through the InMotion Network and Government of Alberta, Hockey Alberta has set a goal to get informative signage up in 30 arenas around the province by the end of November. The messaging will focus on educating parents, participants, coaches, and others about Maltreatment.